CMP® Resource Limited Partnerships are designed to transfer the tax benefits enjoyed by resource companies to individual investors through a diversified, professionally managed portfolio of CEE-eligible company flow-through shares that meet strict criteria.

The resource experts and portfolio managers at Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Inc. carefully create and maintain a portfolio containing equity securities of qualifying resource companies. Our size and success have strengthened our negotiating positions. By limiting the number of companies we invest in, we keep ourselves in a better position to negotiate lower premiums and potentially provide greater returns. Typically, a year and a half following the date that the first tax deduction is allocated, investors can receive their CMP® shares in liquid investments through a tax-efficient rollover into a mutual fund, currently the DMP Resource Class, part of Dynamic Managed Portfolios Ltd., which is sub-advised by Goodman & Company, Investment Counsel Inc.

Date NAV
CMP 2020 04/09/2021 $1,005.51
CMP 2021 Class A 04/09/2021 $887.92
CMP 2021 Class F 04/09/2021 $935.03